Ask for a quote

If you are interested in asking Coati to help you for your event, please send us an email at explaining as much as you can:

  • What is your event about? Send us presentation documents, links to your website, etc.
  • When and where will your event take place? How long will be the working sessions?
  • How many people will attend your event?
  • How many languages do you want to support? How many people for each language? (You can make a difference between languages that you want people to be able to speak and languages that you want people to be able to listen to.
  • How many rooms will use interpretation?
  • Send us a schedule and map of your event.
  • Will you also need some general sound equipment for those rooms?
  • If no, what kind of sound equipment will there be in the rooms and who will operate it?
  • What is the budget of the event and what kind of funding is it working with?
  • Do you want help only with the interpretation technology or as well with coordinating the interpreters?
  • Who will be the interpreters? Will they be volunteers?