Open source Spider

Coati develops and produces an open source version of the Spider, a small portable device for simultaneous interpretation.

If you have never seen a Spider in action, read our introduction to Spiders.


  • 12 interpretation headphones on each Spider and each extension module.
  • Possibility to chain various extension modules from a single Spider.
  • 2 floor headphones with a separate input. Interpreters can listen to what is being said in the room using the same Spider as the public.
  • Each input, floor and interpretation, accept either a microphone or a line input.
  • Uses standard jack ø 6.5 mm inputs and ø jack 3.5 mm headphones.
  • All the headphones are joint stereo: the same audio is heard in both left and right ears.
  • Low noise power supply using either a common 12 V DC transformer or a 9 V battery.
  • Battery lid on top of the Spider for easier replacement.
  • Consumption: 145 mAh with 1 extension and 12 headphones.
  • Weight: 250 g for the spider, 150 g for the extension (without accessories).

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